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Amsoil University Live 2017

  Amsoil Dealers Under The Gun At 

Amsoil University Training 

   I don't know about you, but being in front of more than a hundred people or so, is a little unnerving. But, Our Successful Amsoil Dealers had little problem adapting at our Amsoil University Live Training Sessions.

   They were here to share their experience with fellow Amsoil Dealers. I for one, was glad they had. You may notice, the questions seemed to get them started, as they add-libbed more helpful information.

     As you listen to the Dealers, take note of how the couples worked together. Also hear the story of the women in the middle. If you think you don't have enough knowledge well...She is on the stage and tells only part of what she has accomplished. 


    We don't want to forget about the young Amsoil Dealer on the right either. There are only a few words to say "Get out of his way or get run over!" His mentor is sitting to his right. Your Amsoil Sponsor is typically this person. But, he/she had a sponsor too and they are another source of experience.

  Sure is great hearing and seeing people of varying ages be excited about their Amoil Business. These people are honest hard working individuals and proud of what they have accomplished and have for their future.They directly reflect Amsoil Syntheic Lubrication and Amsoil training and leaders!

    Amsoil has their back too; making your life so much easier to become successful.  Personally, I have used the tech. support line any time I need help -Bam!- I get an answer.  I have also used the customer support - same results.  

   With a people "friendly company" like Amsoil, your confidence builds everyday. For more information:

"It's A Great Time To Become an Amsoil Dealer"

"Keep Dreaming"

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PS: My apololgies, My phone died part way through the interview. 
You will only find this interview session here and You Tube. 



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