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 Amsoil Value is Key 

1. Promote Extended Oil Change:  Match Amsoil OE, XL, and Signature Series full synthetic oil to customer needs.

   A. Amsoil OE full synthetic oil is designed to be replaced as a manufacturer recommends. My personal preference is spring and fall at the very least here in Western Pennsylvanai. We actually mark on the oil service window sticker every five thousand miles. By using this mileage we see the vehicle coming in by the six thousand mile mark. Most of our customers drive ten to twelve thousand miles a year, so Amsoil OE fits with these clients.

  I know there is a concern with losing the quantity of oil change services, this has simply not been the case. At our NAPA Auto Care Center, our oil change services have not dropped in two consecutive years.

  B. Amsoil XL (Now Twelve Thousand MIles) full synthetic oil matches best with most of our commercial customers. They typically drive over Ten thousand miles in less than six months. Their use of vehicles is typically abusive. It's not unusual to see the vehicle overloaded and tires low. The Amsoil XL line adds more cleaning and protection over OE for the extended oil change.                                   
   The commercial owner seems to like this interval to keep downtime to a minimum but has the vehicle inspected at reasonable intervals. The XL does cost more, but the extended oil change savings balance the increased cost.

  C. Amsoil Signature Series can extend the oil change to Fifteen (basic rule -four or six cylinder) vehicles or Twenty-Five thousand miles in a typical non-turbo V Eight. We have found this best matches the long commute driver or salesperson. They typically will put down fifteen or twenty-five thousand miles in less than six months.  

           Our biggest concern (not a new problem) - the owner not checking the oil level between changes. Amsoil will "most likely" protect the engine from low oil, as you know there is no guarantee.   

    Once again, Signature Series full synthetic oil does cost more initially, but the extended oil change interval, downtime, and reduced wear make up for the extra cost.

Remeber, as an Amsoil Dealer or Amsoil Retailer, You will have two 
Amsoil Locator Websites

1. Through Amsoil Directly (stay qualified)

2. Through the Amsoil Team You will be joining at NO CHARGE,
just by being a Dealer or Retail Account in Good Standing

{Note: the pricing you see from the links,
Are Not The Price You Pay} 

   This may seem like a tricky subject with Amsoil being marked at a higher price. The value of a quality synthetic oil like Amsoil full Synthetic motor oil, extended oil change, and reduced wear more than makes up for the increased initial cost.
   You have a customer who already trusts you with their daily driver, the response I normally hear when introducing Amsoil "Whatever you think is best". 

   Remembering to think of the customer value is the key to the sale.
{I never  ever say "This the best thing you ever saw oil!" Of course, it is, 
your selling the oil.}  

   A. Pricing your oil changes, to be sure of your increased profits, is old hat and we always use a better oil filter when installing each grade of Amsoil.

   B. In the NAPA brand, we use the Gold series with OE, The ten thousand mile Silver series with XL, and the Amsoil Signature Oil Twenty-Five thousand mile filter with Signature Series Oil. The concern is a breakdown of the element in the filter.Once again you will make more profit on the quality of the filter being installed. 

  In Summary, we have found "Amsoil full Synthetic motor oil" to be a "Win-Win" for us and bringing added value to our customers and our Service Center.

  Amsoil is a great company to work with: They are old fashioned like me in value, but on top of  modern technolgy. Always willing to help and make the extra effort you expect. My video explains:

   Taking advantage of the Amsoil Nationally known reputation and marked with an Amsoil Installer locator online, doesn't hurt either. 

  If you are still not sure which Amsoil Opportunity is right for you ---

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