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 Here in Western Pennsylvania, the pretty fall leaves have mostly fallen from the trees. A sure sign winter will be here soon, and A trigger for our NAPA Auto Care Center, to be testing antifreeze strength and condition. We are checking for "Dirt Crick Water" coolant that does not have a freezing point of minus thirty degrees Fahrenheit and needs replacing.

As you can see this coolant does look like "Dirty Crick Water" after a hard rain in the summer. The coolant "freezing point" did test minus thirty-five, but obviously is not clean. I am thinking, the coolant system has a small leak somewhere, causing the rusting action brown coolant. The owner did not complain of a loss of coolant or smell, but I will be inspecting to be sure.

Now that we have the coolant drained and into a pan, we can measure how much we removed. We Also can verify total capacityby looking up the correct Amsoil Antifreeze on our Amsoil Website.

  As noted in the video, we did lift the front of the truck when adding coolant. 

In the fill-up procedure, I am trying the Amsoil Coolant Boost. {Note: The Coolant Boost is designed for Deisel Motors to help them warm up faster and reduce overall engine operating temperature.} This truck runs about two miles one way to work, warming up quicker could only help. The instructions call for one ounce for each quart of coolant AND then added to the two gallons of new Amsoil 50/50 Antifreeze.

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   A Five to Eight mile road test is now in order. We are looking for approximately One hundred and fourty drgrees at the vent outlet, with the heat on full. 

   Our road test came out great! The middle vent temperature was One Hundred Fourty Degrees in a few miles.You may be asking why this such an important measurement. We know the coolant is circulating correctly and the engine thermostat is also opening. 
   One other related note: if the engine management computer does not see the engine reach a certain operating temperature, the Sevice Engine Soon Light will come on.   

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