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 How Good Is Your Lube, Oil, Filter?

  Ever wonder how a chain - lube oil filter - facility stays open? I have heard stats of averaging two hundred dollars per vehicle running through their oil service center. WOW!

  The service is usually accompanied by a well written service check list. The list is duplicatable and can be taught to everyone they hire. Easy duplication usually makes money when done correctly.

  Is it really that easy? Being able to teach and duplicate a service is always allowing better profit because of efficiency. The "list' method apparently works if you are a chain service center. For the independent or like our NAPA Auto Care Center, I am not so sure. Many of our regular customers didn't care for the check list. In fact, one of my long time customers came right out and told me she didn't like it. She felt, we were trying to get all we could from her.. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying the Oil Chain center was taking advantage, simply bringing fourth a discussion you may want to have at you auto service center.

Of course our intention was to be and look more professional. NAPA even provided different levels of inspection forms for us to use. Only the first one was to be free and was suggested to accompany every oil change service.

The idea is far from new,  we have been checking tires, fluids, belts, hoses, filters and suspension since my Father started a Quaker State Gas Station in 1956. Think it works? We are still here in 2016, in our own facility without gas pumps (Thank You Lord).

Good news, you already have the tools you need to get started. We have the customers (Check)We all automatically read body language, response tone and language (3 checks) etc. of course, how we use this input is the key.

I decided to write down some basic "rule of thumb" guidelines. Add as needed, to fine tune your method of preparing your customer for needed repairs.

1. Be sensitive to customers situation but not bleeding heart syndrome. You still have a business to operate and a family to feed.

2. If at all possible, give a lead time into when the repair will be needed and estimate. be sure to cover your basis to prevent future mis-understandings. Remember, you don't have a crystal ball no matter what the general public thinks.

3. Most of all, listen with both ears and give them your undivided attention. Remember whos car it is. 

4. This list is obvious - No Scare tactics, No sugar coating needed repairs, and no running other shops down to make a point. You will get talked about enough, don't give them any more reasons to gossip about your facility. 

5. Should not have to say this but - If you are replacing a part, it better be done or judging by your customers habits, before it is replaced.

Back to our original question. What really is the purpose of the LOF service to our customer besides getting the oil changed? What you bring every day "Value" 



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