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 How To Triple Sales

  With the world of automotive lubricants changing so quickly, a small town Auro Service Center can have a tuff time of having the proper lubricant on hand. We can't afford to stalk a ton of oil, but at the same time we can't be making a trip to the auto supply every time we need a different lubricant. 

  So here we are, in a small town of twelve hundred or less,needing more traffic, and a multitude of higher priced lubricants in demand. What is the sollution for our dilema? A little background on our decison.

  Not one of us are college educated or business majors from a Tech. School. Sure we have attended several "This is how to run your business" and so on. Just like allot from that era, asking allot of questions and the  "school of hard knocks" seemed to be the norm.

  To keep things interesting, our owner is Eighty plus years old. He started a Quaker State Filling Station clear back in 1956. He still likes to tell the story "I had to borrow the money for change in the cash register." So you know our success did not just come from "book learning" completely.

   Well, our Amsoil Synthetic decison, started with me looking for a "wet clutch" synthetic motor oil for my 2009 Kawasaki 1700 Vulcan Nomad. The big twin ran hot and was a real pain sitting at a red light. I had read syhthetic lubricants can help a motor run cooler, so my search began. 

   I found Amsoil had a "wet clutch" synthetic motor oil. Since my Vulcan was under factory warranty, I called Kawasaki. With Kawasaki's approval I changed the oil and filter at one thousand miles. 

  I wish had measured the hot engine temperature before and after, but I wasn't looking for a miracle, just cooler opertion. Menatally I think it helped, but I have no measured proof to report. But the curiosity "of more" was in place.

 2. Then GM came out with the "Dexos" rating requirement at about the same time. Amsoil Synthetics to the rescue again. Only this time the OE grade synthetic was less expensive then buying the oil from GM. We also filled another up and coming niche at our Service Center. 
  We priced the OE Amsoil close to "our best conventional oil" this helped introduce Amsoil Synthetics. The margin, was better than our previous "best oil change", and we were installing a better product. 

 I quickly realized most of our clients ran Ten to Twelve thousand miles a year. The OE grade Amsoil {with extended oil life"} could also save them a trip, add value, and we could install a better motor oil. All at about the same cost as our "Best" oil change service.
  We had the rare "Win-Win" for the customer and as business owners.

3. Moving forward We realized Amsoil Synthetics had many lubricants, a business opportunity; Amsoil Synthetics Nationally recognized branding, we decided to match Amsoil to the other customers needs..
    A. We all have commercial van owners. Typically they push conventional oil changes past a reasonable interval. With Amsoil XL Ten Thousand mile option,{again extended oil change interval package} I could save them a trip {down time}, install a better product, have a comparable cost (value), and possibly get more life from their van. Most likely, perform better with the usuall neglect.
  And again, on our side of the fence, we make a better profit on the oil change service. 

Your Winning Approach:

   What is so cool about this process, we already have the captive - trusting - ready to buy audience right in front of us.This is Nine tenths of the struggle when promoting a new product. All we have to do is finish the sales process and introduce "Amsoil Synthetic Value."  

  • On with your approach: I haven't met an Auto Service Manager who didn't like building a relationship with Customers {heck we just like to talk}. Start with an Amsoil Synthetic Oil bottle in hand.
  •  As you hand the recommended Amsoil product to the owner, we ask them how many miles they drive in a year {be ready with the answer if you can} we can qualify the best value Amsoil Extended life oil.
  • Value: Pricing about the same due to extended oil life, better wear protection due to designer oil construction, easier start up in cold weather, and better hot weather protection.

   The sales stats for our small town Auto Service Center:
  After a short 2014 year we more than doubled our Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants sales in 2015. Then In 2016 we increased sales by over 30%. This increased showed we had more than tripled our sales since the Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants introduction. 
   My dealer sales commisions were regular at 5% each month and occasional 8% just for our Auto Center Sales. And this is on top of the retail money we made when we installed Amsoil. Remember this is in small town US, no metro volume area by any stretch of the imagination.  

  . In our area, {Western Pennsylvania} I have suggested, an oil change service at least "spring and fall". The spring oil change to remove moisture from winter abuse; and the fall service to get ready for winter. 

  We use this method when the auto is driven Ten to Twelve thousand miles a year. We are sure to mark five thousand miles on the "oil change due" reminder on the drivers window.
  When we are suggesting the Amsoil value, the usual response we receive: "If you think it's a good idea, sure."

  At this point, I am sure to advise the car owner to stop and have the oil checked every couple of weeks. Why? we have found some engines are using oil and the owner has no clue. 
   The same idea can be applied to the Commercial customer.

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