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"Motor Oil is Motor Oil" 

   Many of us remember the days of an oil change service. We easily found the oil filter and drained five quarts of 5w30 motor oil. If our local auto parts store had a good brand of oil on sale, that's what went in the motor. It didn't seem to really matter. I did the expermit myself, I changed out the oil with three different oil change services, nothing - no oil usage - no cruddy oil - no indiction I changed brands. 

   Going back a little further, I owned a huge 1972 Chevy Impala with the big block "402" 4 Barrel Carb. (Land Yaht) We owned a Quakr State Station at the time, this engine had a Wolfs Head Sticker on the door. Well No Way was I having any part Wolfs Head. The first oil change, we went Quaker State! As memeory serves, I had the valve cover off three times replacing broken rockers. Lesson learned - back to Wolfs Head!

   Stepping forward a few decades, at our NAPA Auto Care Center, we use the Amsoil website to verify the correct Amsoil Synthetic Oil, fill capacity, and even the oil pan bolt tightening spec.. 

   So what's the big deal? In the past few years you are hearing more terms like - Dual Overhead Cam with Variable Valve Timing - Oh Yeh, Dont forget the Turbo. If you don't use the correct oil, the check engine light will come on and you risk damaging the motor. 

   We are seeing specifications of 5W20 and 0W20. The 0W20 is only available as a Full Synthetic, just one more reason our NAPA Auto Care Center carries Amsoil Synthetics. 

   Also Amsoil allows us to offer different full synthetic oil packages, each satisfying the different needs of our cutsomers.

   For example:

   1.The average driver of Ten to Twelve thousand miles a year uses the OE package. We Suggest Spring and Fall Oil Change Service with our customers who fit this cryteria.  

   2.The commercial driver averaging Ten to twelve thousand miles in three - six months XL

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   3. The driver who is averaging up to Twenty Five thousand miles or One Year before service is required, Signature Series line. (Turbo engines and other applications require a service interval at fifteen thousand miles. and Must use Amsoil Synthetic Element Oil Filter) 

GM 14i Turbo Ecotec 


When you are servicing

  Amsoil Full Synthetic Oil, be sure to use quality oil filters...

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     Amsoil Product line seems to have an answer for all our lubrication requirements. Add the {Good, Better and Best} Synthetic Oil line, as mentioned above, matchmaking to fit client need simply adds more value. Then to make life easier to serve, the friendly people at the Free Amsoil Technical Assist help line, nails it as we get a straight answer to our lubrication questions.  

    Also, With the added savings and value for our long time clientele, everyone is a winner. Just what the Doctor ordered for our thirty nine year young Auto Care Center. Thank You Amsoil!

    Do I sound excited about Amsoil Synthetic Lubrications? You bet! Even after all these years in the Auto Service Industry, seeing a company like Amsoil just puts a smile on my face. Why, they do business just like we have been dating back to 1956. 














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