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A Little Help

   My 1996 Ford F150 gets to sit outside all year. We have a two stall garage, but for some reason someone elses cars get the dry spots. This inconvience is only brought to light with inclimate weather - rain, frost, and snow. Yes, it's Pennsylvania and we get the spread of weather. 


    The worst times is removing frost and snow...Standing in the cold, scraping, pushing snow away, or both, is not allot fo fun. Watch my video:


   I have a few other fall/winter tricks for you. 

   1. Applying Silicone {Amsoil Silicone #ALSSP}, Avon's Skin So Soft, or Baby Oil to rubber door/sliding doors, hatch seals, and the trunk, will preserve and keep the door seal from freezing. This does not work all the time, but will prevent broken door handles more often that not.

   2. Most cars have remote entry key fobs and most of the time they work -Most of the Time- ! Since your door lock is not mechaniclly being used, they tend to rust in place. If you want in your car using your key Good Luck. Amsoil does have a very effective penetrating fluid to prevent this from happening. A little shot in the key hole is quite effective and only needs applied once a year before winter. 

   More is not better, unless you like cleanig fluid off your clothes. The penetrant will run out the bottom of the door, onto the door ledge, right where the bottom of your coat or pants will clean it off for you.

   3. If you own an older truck, where the bumper tends to fill up with snow/road salt here in Pennsylvania, Amsoil's Heavy-Duty Metal Protector #AMHSC will help prevent the salt form eating through the metal. Instructions: Clean and apply, let tach up, apply again. Re-apply as needed.

   4. The other area I found Amsoil's Heavy-Duty Metal Protector protects great, Clear Coated wheels. Again, Clean and apply 2 layers. Keep in mind you will be cleaning this off and White wall Cleaner and a Pressure Washer will not remove the protectant. (Be sure to shield Disc Brake Rotor) 

  I have found Pre-Paint Cleaner works effectly removing Amsoil Metal Protector in the Spring. Apply Car Wax to seal and protect clear coat when finished.

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