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 Winning and Losing

  Have you wished you could just crawl under the desk sometimes and hide? All because your communication skills had failed you

  .Our story begins with a busy, messed up week. You know, ordered parts aren't right and don't come in as planned. A repair, which was to take two hours, takes four and to help out, customers are late or don't show up at all.

  The estimated alignment, was taking longer than expected and to top it off, needed more parts because of good ole Pennsylvania rust. I did inform the customer (I'll call him "John") we needed more time and parts, which was okay with him.

  After even more time still than expected, the work was finally done. We delivered the car to his home with the invoice inside. I never gave it a thought there would be an issue.

   John came in shortly after we delivered the vehicle. He was not a happy camper to say the least. The billing was explained to John as to why the estimate was so much higher. John walked out with a huff and a puff.


  !. First mistake I made, I did not clarify the increased cost, with a specific dollar amount to John before we brought the car back to finish.

 2.  I assumed John, would come to the conclusion the billing would be higher.

 3. Maybe the fatal one, I didn't personally call John when I returned after he had left.

 4. The cost to save a long time customer. I gave him an advertising discount. The reduction brought the total closer to the original estimate, which he paid in full. 

   My point of this story; we all make mistakes and we can analyze the fix to death. The biggest and most sane thing to do? Stop beating yourself up over spilled milk. 
  Our best is not going to cut it every time or can we expect ourselves to stay on top of every situation every time.


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    Kerrys Synthetic Lubes Our story is derived from our Service Center daily events. Fictional characters are used. Use of this information is purely at the readers risk.



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