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Transmission Fluid 

   Back in the day of the so-called "Slush Buckets" of the eighty's, we replaced transmissions on a regular basis. Here in Pennsylvania, the typical auto transmission would get a real work out trying to keep the underpowered vehicle moving at a...
 A Victory for Consumer FreedomAMSOIL continues to fight the false narrative advanced by some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that you must use the OEM brand of parts and lubricants in your vehicles and equipment to maintain your new-vehicle warranties.Fortunately, the U.S. Federal...

Miracle Wash!

    Maybe the "Miracle Wash" name seems a little too "salesy", all I know is the spray works on my 2009 Metalic Midnight Black Vulcan. (you all know how metalic black shows every little scratch). Since discovering Amsoil Miracle Wash, it is all I use to keep my bike clean...
Amsoil Training

Starting a new business can be a scary proposition. New everything to learn, people, products, pricing, ordering, rules, the list seems to go on and on. The good news, you are not alone or without training to take you step by step. To start with, your sponsors are all available...

Protecting Expensive Wheels

  Here in the North East, the only way to keep you expesive rims perfect was buying inexpensive used wheels at the salvage yard... that was the days of the hubcaps and steel rims. See Video!

   Now a days, most vehicles come with clear coated,...

Bought a New Car lately? If you change your oil at home, be sure to check the proper oil application. A new oil weight is being introduced - 0w8 and 0w16. The weight classification is not all that has changed.The requirements for the new engine have changed.

1. Do not use conventional oil,...

 Love Your Family and Your Car ?

   1971 Cutlass S  350 CC engine - Positive CrankCase Ventilation Valve and a Charcoal Canister were about the only pollution devices installed. The exhaust smelled awful, even on a properly tuned motor. 


 Should Have Parts

  So here we are; a good customers who owns a twenty thirteen Jeep. He has traveled all the way from Pittsburgh {ninety miles away} to have us install the part we ordered.  

  What's the problem?I'll back up a week; Jeep owner { I'll call him Jay} was in for...


Pedal To The Floor and Nothing

   Many of us remember the days of the torque converter clutch switch. The switch would stick on and stall the car at the stop sign. Don't forget the eighty's slush bucket slide into overdrive sorta and of course the "rev no power to shift"...



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