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Starting a new business can be a scary proposition. New everything to learn, people, products, pricing, ordering, rules, the list seems to go on and on. The good news, you are not alone or without training to take you step by step. To start with, your sponsors are all available and want to see you succeed. Their individual experience is a great help as you begin your new venture with Amsoil. 

I personally drove them a litle crazy with questions when I started. I asked where I can find information or what their opinion is of a new idea I have. Me? I now welcome those questions, because  know you are really interested in growing your businsess!

We also have a Techincal assist line with Amsoil we can call; friendly and they  have always gone out of their way to help me. 

 Then there is "Amsoil University"! This is where you can advance and hone your skills in marketing to your prospects. The training is general but  gets to the point of the subject being taught. A comprehensive test is taken afterward. After passing the testing, you are now qualified to do Trade Shows and receive leads from Amsoil in your area.

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  Last but not least; Amsoil has started area University Training. Which I have a little true story to tell you.

Amsoil University was held four hours from my home. I made my room reservatons and made the trip easily in my 1996 F150. At the time "free freight" was not available to dealers, so I planned on picking up my order when there. Cash in the bank #1. A few weeks before going, I received a note from Amsoil, I would receive a 10% discount on my order that week if I was attending the training, Cash  #2. My boss then told me he would pay for my gas "since I was saving the freight costs" Cash #3. Then while there, my sponsors or Amsoil Paid for my meals Cash #4. Of course I receive commission from the order Cash #5. 

   So what could possibly make this true story better? I met my other Amsoil Team Members (3 who received awards of the 6 given), I was able to visit my Son, Daughter in Law, and my only Grandson at the time.
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  PS: If you are concerned of starting as an Amsoil  Dealer, I began as a Preferred Customer and quickly switched to an Amsoil Retailer. Even in our little town of 1,100 people, It was not long before I saw I could grow my Amsoil business beyond our 4 walls and I became an Amsoil Dealer!



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