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 Question: How do I actually grow my Amsoil Business once I have made some sales? 

The answer is more obvious than you may think. Yes, Amsoil has some good training and you should become Certified as soon as possible. My sponsors, our team, and myself will be their to answer questions and help guide you along the way. 

Many start by introducing friends and family to Amsoil. Still others may start changing oil at home and using Amsoil products. Great. But that is a tough way to make your business grow, everything has to come through you, you can only do so much. I'll ask another question; "what actually brought you to becoming an Amsoil Dealer in the first place?" What type of lubrication knowledge do you already poses?" 

To make those questions more clear;

We had wheel bearings wearing out prernaturally in Chevy Blazers at our NAPA Auto Care Center. I had heard synthetics helped to cool and lubricate better than conventional lubricants. We installed, Amsoil 75w90 gear lube in the differential, and the "too small" wheel bearings lasted much longer. Nice! 

It wasn't too much longer and GM decided to up their oil rating to Dexos. I didn't know where else we could buy that oil so,off to the dealer we go. Meanwhile I had purchased a new 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Motorcycle. Thinking I was going to own this motorcycle for ever, I went looking for a full synthetic, wet clutch, motorcycle oil. Amsoi had the call in stock, ready to deliver; problem solved again.

 That information brought me full circle to Amsoil. Sure enough, they had what I needed, GM Dexos rated oil, no more trips to the dealer.We soon became an Amsoil retail outlet and over two years ago I became an Amsoil Dealer. We hung an Amsoil "First In Synhtics" banner outside and extra traffic and sales began coming through our front door. They were looking for Amsoil! 

We now match and install Amsoil products for over half of our customers, keeping them satisfied and our business a step ahead of the competition. 
But this isn't about me, it's about you. The above is an example how I used my "strength - knowledge" to grow my Amsoil Business for our Service Center. I'll ask again, what are "your strengths" and "who do you know" these are the people you use Amsoil products to help them save time and money. Is it your local Farmers, Trucking Companies, Municipalities, Harley Club, or your racing buddies in any sport to name a few? For more information on becoming an Amsoil Dealer:

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PS: I can set you up with experience Facebook Training, F-ree Locator Amsoil/Your Business Site, and more coming soon.



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