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Miracle Wash!

    Maybe the "Miracle Wash" name seems a little too "salesy", all I know is the spray works on my 2009 Metalic Midnight Black Vulcan. (you all know how metalic black shows every little scratch). Since discovering Amsoil Miracle Wash, it is all I use to keep my bike clean and protected. And Yes - Unbelievably, I have never washed my Kawasaki "EVER"! 
   Miracle Wash has been the standby in my saddle bag on trips and at home. A clean rag, a fine mist of Miracle Wash, let soak to soften dried bugs, wipe clean, flip rag to clean side to polish.DONE! Amsoil Miracle Wash works on the entire bike (save the seat and handle grips).

    Watch my little demonstration below

    Yes, I know, window cleaner will do the same thing sorta. Window cleaner strips the protection Miracle Wash applys. The wax will fill and seal the windshield surface, extending the life of the multi-layer coating on the windshield.

 But don't stop on the bike, works great for a quick clean up of your helmet too. Again, Makes removing bugs off of your shield easier next time.

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