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Horizon Sample Oil Chart Reading  

 If you own your own Tractor trailer rig, you already know you can catch a coolant leak before it becomes a breakdown and a more expensive repair . Amsoil has sample kits available, bottle, form, and mailing envelope all in one convient package. 

Great! However, knowing what the report means is essential also. Recently, Horizon sent me a short training video on how to read oil sample charts. The video is not a science class but does give you a basic understanding of all the different "material" Horizon testing does show. Also explaining a relationship between contaminants, wear, and lubricants.

One word of caution; by adding different oils or additives during the testing period will most likely cause inaccurate testing. If you have, make a note of the oil or additives you used during the sample period on your sample record. 

In the follwing link is the different sampling kits Asmoil has available for diesel and gas motors. By following the link you will find their are sample kits for testing coolant also.

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