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 Yes, No Oil On The Dipstick  

  I really don't know where to start! We have all kind of lights on the dash. The lights tell us our high beams are up, even though we are staring right at the lights. We have Red lights to tell us to stop the car ( that is why they are RED,) something is really wrong, yet we continue to drive the car home. We have an owners manual, Google search, auto technicians, and even our local auto parts store person to help us out. 

  My story begins on another Monday at our Auto Service Center. I check our phone for messages and I get the one we all don't like to hear! " Our car is coming to your shop on a flatbed, I think we ran it out of oil. I'm not sure, I didn't see a red light, but it doesn't want to run."    Your heart sinks, you know this is a young lady you actually knew her from your daughters Girl Scout Troop. Already you feel your bleeding heart starting to give in.   
 The car does finally shows up and just as you suspected, the engine sounds like metal on metal bowling pins when running, even after you fill it with oil.  
 So now you have to make " The Call". But before you spend the time pricing a replacement; here in Pennsylvania there is a rust problem. We always lift a car on the rack and inspect the undercarriage.

    In this case the engine was only part of the problem. The engine cradle was very rusty and the car was not safe to be on the road. As we call it " We just called it "Two Thirty Three PM, October Twelfth, Twenty Sixty, Time of Death". The rest of the car undercarriage was hopelessly rusty too.  

   Discussion: The oil Issue:  
  1.    This was the third car this year with a trashed motor due to a lack of oil. Dad's no longer tinker with cars like ours had. Young drivers know little about cars so gain a new customer and take time to demonstrate how to check engine oil. It also does not hurt to spend a little time explaining dash warning lights
  2.  Consider a Facebook Fan Page for your center too. It is  great place to post auto information you have learned over the years. If you don't think it can work, how did you end up reading this blog post? 
  3. I do recommend Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants(click for free catlog) for young drivers. Amsoil "may" {No Promises"} give them the added extra protection to get them home when they don't stop with a red oil light on. 

   In summary: Ask your customers if it "is OK to check the oil" while the car is in your service center. It is a good way to build customer relations. Please, don't just check the oil and announce you addded a quart to help them out. Not only will you make them feel embarresed but incapable of taking care of their car. 

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