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Pedal To The Floor and Nothing

   Many of us remember the days of the torque converter clutch switch. The switch would stick on and stall the car at the stop sign. Don't forget the eighty's slush bucket slide into overdrive sorta and of course the "rev no power to shift" packages.  

  The little that was good about them, sometimes we could change the fluid (only a few fluids to choose from), filter,  add an additive, and if the moon was in the right phase, the transmission would go back to sorta working okay. Then as a bonus, the higher gear ratio helped sale more brake work too. 

   Thank goodness, improvements came as cars shift so much better. But in today's transaxle, we may not be able to change the filter, it can be an adventure to what fluid to use, and just to help, the OE designators may not be listed on the transmission label. So here we are, all kind of information of what transmission fluid should go back in the car and still not sure if we can use what we have in stock. 

   Here we go to the "help you part" Even if you don't install Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants, the application charts on my Amsoil website are useful and accurate. The expected capacity is listed in metric or American standard. And if you are home, the Garage feature will help you keep track of the service work you performed.

  If you do install Amsoil Lubricants, they have a really solid technical support line. Before you ask, I have had no problem understanding them when I call.

  Amsoil has also written a transmission blog post.  




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