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Scared to Drive Home   

 We had made it past another Monday, or so we had thought !

  Tuesday started like every Tuesday, pace a little faster, everyone focused quicker, and zoom we are going. This Tuesday changed when I received a phone call from another Auto Service Center. They were interested in telling me about a warranty item on a vehicle they were repairing.To make a long story short, the Technician began listing all the parts needing replacement, beside the warranty item. He apparently felt it was his duty; you see the car had passed a PA Inspection the month before at our Auto Care Center. 

  All the items listed, would cause the car to fail a PA Inspection. The only response I could give him, “Send the car to us for the warranty item;.” The part and labor would be covered, when we perform the replacement.

  Later in the day we received another phone call from the car owner. The call was from one of our long standing customers and friend. I was being asked about the repairs which were to be performed at the other auto repair center. (I'll call her Ma), Ma was understadibly concerned about the cost of the repairs {estimate Fifteen Hundred Dollars $}, had she been driving the car unsafe, and especially since we had been over the car a month ago. Ma had been advised the car was unsafe to drive home and she should call for a ride, which she did.

    I decided to stop down and discuss the repairs suggested to be performed. After a brief discussion, I told her, "We should retrieve her car from the auto repair center". We received Ma's permission, to inspect the car at no cost to her. If we found a recommended repair was in need of replacement, we would perform the repair at no charge for the part and labor.

    Ma decided to call the repair center, stop the repairs, and inform them she would be picking up her vehicle.The next day we/myself included, provided her a ride to the garage. {I thought it best for me to stay outside} Ma asked if I would drive her car home {still afraid it wasn’t safe}, I obliged her.

  When Ma was inside getting her keys, she was informed again, the vehicle was not safe to drive and our center could loose their PA Inspections License for Inspecting her car this way. I am going to insert a side note here: 

   Corny {owner of our auto care center since 1978} himself had taught the Pennsylvania Inspection Class for many years. When hired at our shop, you are informed "the laws are the laws, don't go making up your own!"  

    As you can already guess,

1.  the listed items were fine and did not need replaced. The car was more than safe to drive. 

 2. The warranty item was the only thing in question and it was also fine.


   When scare tactics are being used in this instance, ask to be shown the parts in question. The Service Writer should have no problem showing you what is unsafe. Your lack of car knowledge has little bearing on safety in this instance. 

   Once shown the “bad” parts, there should be little or no doubt in your mind ,the parts are about to fail and your ride is not safe to be on the highway. 

  One last note, if you really have doubt at what is being replaced, it is still your car and your responsibility. Take the car to another repair facility for a second opinion. Be ready to sign a release form as the garage does not want to be sued if something does happen.

   Be aware, If your car does have a gasoline leak or if your brake pedal goes to the floor, for liability reasons the Auto Reapir Center can not leave you take your vehicle. The only safe way for them to release your ride? have a flat bed retrieve your vehicle.

   The Service writer, should understand the "unknown" is scary and intimidating. Building a trusting relationship is part of the service writers job description, so our best service is filling customer needs with integrity and honesty, is always best practice.

    According to the other Service Center, I just gave up a Fifteen Hundred Dollar Repair.. And An interesting bonus for our Service Center? The tire center, who sent Ma to the dis-honest auto center, now sends customers to our center for Wheel Alignments, not them. 

All In A Day's Work

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