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  So here we are; a good customers who owns a twenty thirteen Jeep. He has traveled all the way from Pittsburgh {ninety miles away} to have us install the part we ordered.  

  What's the problem?I'll back up a week; Jeep owner { I'll call him Jay} was in for an oil change service and State Safety Inspection. During the Inspection we found a leaking brake caliper. As expected, the part was not available in rural USA. Really no big deal, except he traveled from Pittsburgh to have us look over his Grand Cherokee.

  Unbelievably, he was fine with coming back next Saturday for us to install the caliper and finish the Inspection. "Hey, Thanks Jay, appreciate your working with us. See you next week; And by the way, should be no problem getting your part."During the week Jay called and moved his appointment to the following Monday. Of course I reaffirmed the part should be in this Thursday

  .Have you ever felt you jinxed something just by your words? This was one of those times. Short version of what happened with our "Thursday part" 
  • Caliper ordered Monday - confirmed delivery for Thursday
  • Called Thursday - where is the Jeep brake caliper? Red tagged    to ship next day by shipping company.
  • Called Friday - where is the brake caliper? We will call again for "next day."
  • Saturday - Where Is Caliper? Wish we knew, all we can do is call 
  • Monday - Jeep arrives Monday and Yep = No part"
  • Crap" is not exactly what I thought or said; unfortunately that did not get the caliper in our hands.

   Now I get to make "The Call"!  

  Jay worked with us once and now, after another hour and half trip, we did not complete the repair. If I was in his shoes, I would not be a happy camper at all.

   Here goes, this is how and why I make the big bucks! 

  Jay came in and I explained everything about why we didn't have his Jeep completed. Okay, I am  not a drama queen by any stretch of the imagination. I thought I was going to hear it from Jay. 

  To my surprise, Jay's expression never really changed and he quietly said "I am off this Friday, is okay if I come in then? If the caliper doesn't make it, call me and we will plan something else."


  1.Why didn't Jay go off the deep end? 

  2. Jay and his parents have been loyal customers for a long time. We have built a very trusting relationship over the years. {Biggest help}

   3.Explaining all the pain we went through probably helped.

   4.Your body language and your sincerity will tell the story correctly, No Time for BS here.

   What was intersting with Jay? After all of the problems with the brake claiper; Jay reminded me he wanted his oil changed.

   After my usual series of questions, I suggested OE Amsoil, he said "sounds great".

  I believe we could spell this honesty works best.


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