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Transmission Fluid 

   Back in the day of the so-called "Slush Buckets" of the eighty's, we replaced transmissions on a regular basis. Here in Pennsylvania, the typical auto transmission would get a real work out trying to keep the underpowered vehicle moving at a respectable speed. The varying hills and valleys would cause these transmissions to shift up, down, and hunt for the correct gear in between.   

   Thank goodness those days are long gone. we now have transmissions that don't upshift and transmissions with more speeds seemingly added every year to improve performance and gas mileage. The entire time keeping weight to a minimum and the shift points barely noticeable. There even some automatic that downshifts with a touch of the brake pedal when drifting down a hill. 

    I remember the days of replacing a transmission for less than $500. Yes, those days are long gone too. A transmission replacement can easily hit the $3,000 mark and more... So I am going to ask a silly question, "Why don't we suggest transmission fluid flush or a fluid/filter change before the fluid gets dark in color or the transmission does not shift correctly? Our NAPA Auto Care Center Techs. are guilty too, so don't feel like I just slapped your hand like an old school Teacher.

   Below you will find the different transmission fluids run through various tests. I was surprised at the number of rigorous testing performed. 



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