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Amsoil University Live 2017

  Amsoil Dealers Under The Gun At 

Amsoil University Training 

   I don't know about you, but being in front of more than a hundred people or so, is a little unnerving. But, Our Successful Amsoil Dealers had little problem adapting at our Amsoil...


 Love Your Family and Your Car ?

   1971 Cutlass S  350 CC engine - Positive CrankCase Ventilation Valve and a Charcoal Canister were about the only pollution devices installed. The exhaust smelled awful, even on a properly tuned motor. 


 Should Have Parts

  So here we are; a good customers who owns a twenty thirteen Jeep. He has traveled all the way from Pittsburgh {ninety miles away} to have us install the part we ordered.  

  What's the problem?I'll back up a week; Jeep owner { I'll call him Jay} was in for...
 Winning and Losing

  Have you wished you could just crawl under the desk sometimes and hide? All because your communication skills had failed you

  .Our story begins with a busy, messed up week. You know, ordered parts aren't right and don't come in as planned. A repair, which...


Pedal To The Floor and Nothing

   Many of us remember the days of the torque converter clutch switch. The switch would stick on and stall the car at the stop sign. Don't forget the eighty's slush bucket slide into overdrive sorta and of course the "rev no power to shift"...

 Yes, No Oil On The Dipstick  

  I really don't know where to start! We have all kind of lights on the dash. The lights tell us our high beams are up, even though we are staring right at the lights. We have Red lights to tell us to stop the car ( that is why they are RED,) something...

Scared to Drive Home   

 We had made it past another Monday, or so we had thought !

  Tuesday started like every Tuesday, pace a little faster, everyone focused quicker, and zoom we are going. This Tuesday changed when I received a...

 Six Foot Off the Floor!

  The day had been a little slow for our Auto Care Center. And as can happen; A woman came through our door, I thougtht I recognized.The "slow" was about to change quickly. It was apparent I was to be reminded who she was.

  There was no question she was...
 How Good Is Your Lube, Oil, Filter?

  Ever wonder how a chain - lube oil filter - facility stays open? I have heard stats of averaging two hundred dollars per vehicle running through their oil service center. WOW!

  The service is usually accompanied by a well written...

Welcome to Our Blog!


   So it's school time, allot of small town auto service centers slow down and new clients are hard to come by. It's like "where did everyone go ?" You have been around a while...



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